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Need a Lift?

Hire a local or long-distance towing service in Newport, Pittsfield, Detroit & Palmyra, ME

Don't waste another second worrying about getting your broken-down vehicle from point A to point B. All Time Towing & Recovery offers long-distance and local towing services in Newport, Pittsfield, Detroit & Palmyra, ME. Prices are based on the length of the vehicle that needs to be towed and what supplies are needed. Reach out to All Time Towing & Recovery to schedule services or speak with a towing professional about your needs.

Let our towing service help you

We offer a variety of towing services, including:

  • Local towing services, for times when your car gives out at the office.
  • Long-distance towing, for when you need to get your car across the state.
  • Flatbed towing to transport your car as safely as possible.
  • Light- and medium-weight towing services for small-to-midsize vehicles.

Save the number 207-355-5148 for the next time you need towing services in the Newport, Pittsfield, Detroit & Palmyra, ME area.